HYP-KIDS: Six recipes to cook up happy kids. My book is a step by step guide so you can help your child deal with common issues; anxiety, anger, grief, depression, low self-esteem and breaking bad habits.


Not everyone has the time and/or money for one-to-one therapy sessions. This is why I offer self-help books, audio and video. I believe anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves should have the chance to make this happen.

As a therapist, we treat everyone as a unique individual and tailor their treatment accordingly; however, once I pinpoint the problem, for example, a client has anxiety or low self-esteem, a pattern emerges that despite their age, childhood or situation, it plays out identically.

This is why you can find a self-help book on ‘tackling anxiety’ really useful even though the author hasn’t met you. By the same token, if you stick with the exercises, watch the videos and listen regularly to the hypnosis tapes, I believe you will be rewarded with measurable change.

Resources to help you examine and work through issues.

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