Private Sessions

Private Sessions in South London: Clinical Hypnotherapist NCH (reg) Dip. Hyp. Ma. Ba (hons)

Brixton Hypnotherapy sessions last 60 minutes. Clients commit to the same time each week for our session and I normally ask you to sign up for four sessions. We might see each other more than that, but that’s the initial commitment I ask for, so you see real change.

Starts with a chat – a 20 minute online consultation is the first (brave) step on your journey to change. This is for you to decide if I’m the right therapist for you and for me to decide if I think I can help you. Sometimes I suggest a different avenue or therapist, depending on your presenting issue. I’m honest like that!

Private sessions are held at the clinic in Brixton, South London or (more often) online using Zoom.


When behaviours, thoughts or feelings are getting in the way of your happiness and wellbeing, then it is truly time for change.

Nothing is too big, too small, too weird, too ‘silly’ or too undeserving of help. I’ve noticed people think hypnotherapy is just for fears, phobias or quitting smoking, but in fact, it’s for anything and everything in which you want real, lasting change.

There is no judgement at my clinic, no talking to anyone else about it, and nothing except empathy, feedback, honesty, and a variety of methods, tools and techniques.


My client on Zoom, had a traumatic event in her past that wrecked her confidence and ability to travel. By re-working her memory under trance / hypnosis we were able to ‘unglue’ the event from the upsetting feeling that was attached to it.

I read recently ‘if you’re looking forward to your therapy sessions, you’re not doing it properly’ but I disagree; Gabor Mate teaches Compassionate Understanding and Richard Schwartz insists all parts of you are welcome. I think the lack or re-traumatising or shaming parts of you, leads to much better and faster healing.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.