Up the confidence

Up the confidence

I am fascinated in what holds women back. All the evidence suggests we work harder, do better in exams and have a broader skillset than men.

So why does the gender pay-gap still exist?

Why do my best friends in TV still walk into meetings in which they are the only woman?

And a personal bug-bear for me; why is the career-day and the school-day running on completely different timetables?

It is a mystery to me, that there are still scandals of men abusing their power (as if we didn’t know), there are still ‘exclusives’ about gender pay gaps, and there are still golf clubs where women aren’t allowed to enter let alone play! It’s INSANE!

So, one thing I’m working on, is how to empower younger women in the workplace. How to equip them with the skills and confidence to own the space we’re entitled to.