South London, Clinical Hypnotherapist, MNCH (reg) Hyp. Dip.

My blog (Elizabeth Knights-Trench) MNCH (reg) DipHyp, MA, BA(hons)

The Barefoot Hypno video blog in South London - a guide to happiness and living a happy life. These videos are designed to teach people how to overcome anxiety, stress, overwhelm, how to enhance motivation or get back their mojo, to increase people’s feelings of confidence and self-esteem, self-worth. These videos are little reminders of simple tools and techniques to simply make life better and make you happier, Hypnotherapy - which is simply a talking therapy that uses hypnosis - is a fantastic tool to help this happen fast, effective and so that it is lasting change.

Get Happy. Stay happy. Keep yourself not just getting through the day, but enjoying it. Women have a tendency to want to get it not just right but perfect but we need to learn how to fail, shake it off and get straight back on the path we fell off.

GET HAPPY - overcome stress, anxiety, overwhelm. Build self-confidence and banish low self-esteem to the bin, coz you simply don’t need it! This video shows you how to get meditation into daily routines when you simply haven’t time to make a dedicated time for it!

Time to get HAPPY: banish anxiety, stress, overwhelm. Increase confidence, resilience, self-esteem. This video tells you simple, quick ways to pick yourself up when you wake up feeling a little flat. Advice from a Clinical Hypnotherapist in South London.

How to....Video 3 The green prescription. No excuses! Banish anxiety, stress, overwhelm. Bring calm, confidence back into your life and feel centered and capable. Cheap, quick and simple tricks, techniques and advice from a Clinical Hypnotherapist in South London on how to get happy, stay happy and keep your mental health tip top!

Self care starts TODAY Wellbeing is all about looking after your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour. Being mindful, staying in the present, not letting useless or unhelpful thoughts run amok in your head. Getting in charge of your mind. Simple, quick, cheap advice from a therapist trained in trauma, CBT, EFT, NLP and psycho-dynamic Therapy.
Cheap, quick and simple tips to ensure happiness. I am a clinical hypnotherapist also trained as a life coach, CDP practitioner and NLP trained. Happiness is a by product of living in a calm, centred, confident way acting from a place of grounded, self (not ego but self) Banish anxiety, stress overwhelm and feel more motivated, back in charge of your life.

I video blog in South London - tips, advice and techniques to help you get happy and stay happy!

As a Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, i specialise in helping clients in South London overcome anxiety, stress, lack of motivation/mojo, low self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. I’m particularly keen to work with women and empowering them to make a success of their lives (whatever ‘success’ means to them).

Back to ‘get happy’…..

The truth is, getting ‘happy’ is not an end goal. it is is a by-product of being a calm, confident, compassionate, generous, centered, curious (and a few more ‘c’ words, none of them bad ones!) It starts by you wanting - choosing (another C word!) to be these things. It is then a journey of how to be them.

Come with me on the journey….

ps/ in the first video you’ll see me turn around to my (loud) 2 yr old and tell her to ‘be quiet’ which shows i’m not nearly as Zen as I’d like to be and i’m on this journey, just as much as you are. The only difference, is i’m trained in tools, techniques and methodologies which i’m going to share (even if i can’t always put into practise!)

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