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“Are you exhausted trying to hold it together? It doesn’t have to be this way. I help people get on top of anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, panic attacks and other unwanted behaviours. I guide people to back in charge of their life and I can do this for you.”


Clinical Hypnotherapist: Elizabeth Knights Trench

“I had two sessions and already something has shifted as I’m not eating anywhere near as many sweet things as I was and have lost about 5lbs so far. She’s brilliant. I would have no hesitation in recommending her (highly) to others.”

Helping people change their life around via therapy, has been a huge shift in my life. I spent my 20’s running around the Planet living an incredibly exciting, busy life; working in Radio and TV, finding myself on camera, reporting and picking up some investigative journalism awards and jetting off abroad to do the same in far flung places.

Not convinced by broadcast, I set up a political theater company while making films about the many social issues that adversely affect women.

Elizabeth Knights-Trench – The Brixton Hypnotherapy

Birthing Workshops

I was lucky enough to have an amazing birthing experience, so it’s great to share this with other parents-to-be. However, we felt very ‘lost’ once we got home with this tiny baby and didn’t know what to do next. So, my workshops combine before AND after giving birth.

About Me

Hypnotherapy came to my attention through a friend who after a health scare, transformed from being a headless chicken (in the City) to the most peaceful, serene Wise Woman gracing the planet! Through her journey, I learnt about Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems and how powerful hypnosis can be in therapy.

Private Sessions

My private hypnotherapy sessions in South London last 60mins. I ask clients to commit to a dedicated time for these, weekly. I offer skype/facetime hypnotherapy sessions if not in person. Local home visits in South London are available if a client is unable to come to my Lambeth clinic.

Hypnobirthing Courses and Workshops in South London

Hypnobirthing Courses Brixton

Hypnobirthing Courses Herne Hill

Hypnobirthing Courses Denmark Hill

Hypnobirthing Courses Tulse Hill

Hypnobirthing Courses Loughborough Junction

Hypnobirthing Courses West Norwood

Hypnobirthing Courses Streatham

“In the words of a client, I bring ‘intelligence, perception and kindness’ to my therapy sessions so you will feel the benefit almost immediately.”  Brixton Hypnotherapy