South London, Clinical Hypnotherapist, MNCH (reg) Hyp. Dip.

Free recordings: Elizabeth Knights-Trench, Clinical Hypnotherapist NCH (reg) Dip. Hyp. Ma. Ba(hons)

Free downloads for you to listen to at home, in your own time to help you with a variety of issues or setbacks. Whether you choose to book private sessions with Brixton Hypnotherapy or not these are FREE hypnosis and meditation resources for you to use in the comfort of your own home. It is not advisable to listen to any hypnosis recordings when driving or operating machinery. You need to be in a safe place where ‘zoning out’ won’t cause you or anyone else any harm! The more you listen to the recording you choose, the quicker you will go into hypnosis and the more effective the therapeutic affect will be. If you want to book private sessions (as ultimately this will always be the most effective since it is tailored specifically to your needs) then please get in touch for a free consultation.

I invite you to turn off your phone, sit some place comfortable and take just 15mins of ‘me’ time for my guided hypnosis audio. Let yourself drift away…dreamy, drowsy….drift…deeper…down.

As I treat every client as a unique individual and tailor sessions accordingly, a generic recording won’t be as powerful as seeing me in person, but it will be very relaxing!

The more you listen to these recordings, the more quickly you will sink into hypnosis. Please don’t listen to them while driving or doing anything during which ‘zoning out’ would be dangerous.

Birthing preparation is the best way to ensure a joyful, calm experience. Re-learning how to have a baby, remembering to trust our body and believing in our ability is at the heart of how I coach Hypno-birthing