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SKIN DISORDERS - advice from Brixton Hypnotherapy

While most of us are out there, basking in this glorious 2018 Summer...spare a thought for people with skin conditions, to which a heatwave feels unbearable. I have had chronic Eczema all my life and the first time I found out how effective hypnotherapy can be, was on a five day Medical Hypnosis training course. The tutor was demonstrating healing light hypnosis. I was trying to follow her words, but my skin was growing increasingly itchy. She gently talked of a hot, white light and my skin - very ungently - grew redder and angrier by the second! I had to bring myself out of trance and use breathing to calm my system back down! I told the tutor what had happened and she asked if she could take me back into trance to fix this! So back in I went, as she talked of ice-cold lakes, soothing creams and brought my bright red, itchy skin back under control! Since then, I have had great success with myself and others in helping relieve the itchiness and flare ups that cause us such agony. A lot can by done with imagery in hypnosis, but also I teach tools and techniques that switch the mind away from the need to 'itch'. Really, we're just tricking the mind and re-routing the signals.