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My life story, how I came to set up Brixton Hypnotherapy and how I can help you.

Welcome to Brixton Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Brixton Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Knights-Trench

Tel. +44 (0) 7767 256 89 (eight)
Liz (at) brixtonhypnotherapy - co - uk

Brailsford Road, SW2 2TB

I have had many jobs; i've been a news reporter, ran a political theatre company, managed an international guitarist, busked as a clown, lived abroad, made short films, written plays….i could go on and on!

A friend introduced me to hypnotherapy twelve years ago and I became fascinated with the power of hypnosis. I know it has a great success rate with fears and phobias, but what I love most is using the tools and techniques to help build confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

And if we all focussed on achieving this - being the best versions of ourselves - imagine what an extraordinary world this could be.

You can read more about what I want to achieve here.