SW London, Clinical Hypnotherapist, MNCH (reg) Hyp. Dip.

About Me, Elizabeth Knights Trench (blogging as The Barefoot Hypno)

My life story, how I came to set up Brixton Hypnotherapy and how I can help you. I specialise in helping people overcome anxiety, stress, depression, loss of motivation, anger management, weight, sleep issues and build people up into the best versions of themselves; confident, in charge and in control of what they think, feel and how they act. My video blog is ‘The Barefoot Hypno’ and it is tools, tips and techniques helping people ‘get happy’. My articles are for better understanding of things that hold us back and my passion is helping women succeed whether that be in the work place, or at home or socially. I like helping women feel empowered, ‘owning their space’ out and about and ‘leaning in’ to life generally.


Elizabeth Knights-Trench

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A friend told me about hypnotherapy eighteen years ago and I became fascinated with the concept of hypnosis. I have read countless neurological explanations, but still am amazed how it helps people overcome addictions, fears and phobias which have plagued them for years. To see a client, who has been mentally crippled by something, suddenly announce it is simply no longer an issue, is endlessly rewarding.

The other element of hypnotherapy that drew me to it, was how it is forward focussed. I personally felt by my forties, that I didn’t want to trawl over my childhood; I knew why I behaved the way I did, but I couldn’t stop doing it. To fix this, I needed intelligent tools and techniques not a sympathetic ear.

However, when it came to healing clients with trauma, I felt I needed an extra tool in the toolbox which is how i stumbled upon Internal Family Systems and a gentle method for healing which doesn’t re-traumatise. It is an evidence-based methodology from US psycho-therapist Richard Schwartz. Combining this (and other) pscyho-therapeutic approaches with hypnotherapy is proving immensely successful in my work and a unique approach.

I am really enjoying running weekend workshops in birthing and parenting as I had an amazing experience of birthing and am keen to help others. I’ve combined it with sections on ‘what to do next’ because I remember getting home with a newborn and realising all my prep had gone into birthing with no consideration as to what to do after I’d done it! So for these Birthing and Preparation Weekend Workshops, i’m combining nutrition, acupressure, parenting analysis, self-hypnosis coaching, the first six weeks and of course, hypnobirthing skills with an element of therapy, guided hypnosis and identity building.

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